Monday, June 18, 2007

7 Pawsome Thingies

Have been informed by Trish that Zach has been tagged to list 7 Pawsome Thingamijigs about the corgiboy himself.

First Tag for Zach, here goes!

Uno ~ Been told countless times by different people that he seems more human than dog. One & only Corgiboy Zaccheus.

Due ~ Took 2nd place honours in Most Photogenic Dog Photo Competition.

Tre ~ Was hued in a lovely trio of colours, blue, light brown and white.

Quatro ~ Four little paws that went pitter-patter all over ARC's wooden floors, his home away from home where he charmed both staff & clients.

Cinque ~ Five favourite toys: Rope Toy, Stuffed Ball-Ball, Tennis Ball, Plastic Ball & Wiggly Giggly.

Sei ~ Loved to go to sleep, teeth-clenching his ball-ball.

Sette ~ Seven or more times he did get shaved, as he seemed more comfortable being a reindeer.

Thanks to Daisy (his first doggy friend) & Waverly (whom he never met) for the tag. :)

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Trish said...

Poignant. *sobs*