Thursday, May 25, 2006

Happy Birthday Zac

Corgiboy would have been 7 this year if he was still around.

Happy Birthday Zac, wherever you are.

Inspiration for the set-up of Corgi Culture, Singapore Corgis Yahoogroups.

Back then, did I know what a Pembroke Welsh Corgi was? Sorry to say, all that I knew was...

This ball of jumping fur looked like a baby bear, and yes, he won over mum, and was picked over the noisy curly male Cocker Spaniel pup. And on hindsight, from a pet farm.

1st photo, 1st rawhide, 1st cheeky grin

Lesson learnt, never ever do that. If you can't find a suitable one, try by all means to get a pup from a breeder with credentials.

Or adopt a needy 'woof woof'.

Zac's father happens to also be his grand-father, no prizes for guessing why.

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