Monday, July 17, 2006

One year on...

17 jul 2006 ~ one year on... a cherished memory.

17 jul 2005 ~ one year ago... lived & was loved.

corgiboy zaccheus waited till 8am, when i was up with him, gave a shudder, and left. he was waiting for me.

was up with him till 4am, decided to get some rest, but woke up to peep on him every hour, intending to spend the whole of the next day in the clinic with him.

16 jul 2005 ~ the day/night before...

sat morning: told him to either get well, or go in peace, and that we will understand. no use suffering and unable to take in anything. vets forecasted that he had a few weeks left.

sat afternoon: heard that sandy passed by, saw him in his cage, and spoke to him.

sat evening: tosh came, gave us a lift home. corgiboy was too weak to move, and totally nauseous.

when all his visitors went home, he suddenly gathered strength and trotted to parents' room, sniffed at quan, who was asleep on the floor, and promptly collapsed there. quan woke up, and i told him to keep an eye on zach, while I went to my room.

in a few moments, zach moved unsteadily (where did he get all that energy since he has been unable to move much the past few days?) to my room door, and from then on to his favourite spot in the house. near the floor-length window, where he had spent his doggy days gazing out, watching the world fly by.

his much loved spot - it was there that he chose to say his fond good-bye.

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